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Driving instructions

Oren's Monastery

Thank you for wanting to visit the Christian Furry Fellowship. These instructions should guide you to set up your IRC client of choice to connect to the network on which we are hosted.
Please remember to join the channel by typing " /join #cff " to the server, or just enter the room by pressing "join room..." in your client.
Please take note that where things are labeled "your_user_name" or something of the sort, that's where you put what you want your username to be, not where you type "your_user_name".

By clicking the following links, you can quickly find the instructions for that client.
Chatzilla: Mozilla's built-in IRC client, and a Firefox extention.
Trillian: A popular instant messaging client for many services.
Pidgin: Another popular instant messaging client.
Opera: The built-in IRC feature of the Opera web browser.
mIRC: A popular IRC specific client.
Direct link: Click here to see if your brower recognizes irc links.


Just type that in the window and press "enter" on your keyboard.
It should connect. Then make sure to type "/join #cff" to join the fellowship!


If the status window does not display, you may have to bring it up to type in " /join #cff ".
Or you can just go to "join channel.." on the IRC button in the contacts list. Type in "cff" or "#cff" as the room name.
Trillian can be set to automatically bring up the status window when you start this connection,
and even automatically join the room, with proper tweaking in the advanced options under "Change...".


To join the room with pidgin, you may use "join a chat..." from the "Buddies" menu, but...
it is very important that you use the pound sign in the room name. Type in "#cff" to join.
I recommend just adding it to your contact list after that to make it easier to join later.



Use the "list rooms" button and the "quick find" feature to find "cff" and join us!
Opera automatically makes a list of the rooms you visit.
You visit once, and then you can easilly join again simply by clicking the room name in the list.