Christian Furry Fellowship 

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The Chat Hall

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The Chat Hall is the meeting place of the Christian Furry Fellowship.
We only ask you to obey a few simple rules.

  1. Please be respectful of others, especially God.
  2. Do not spam.
  3. Do not send a private message without first asking permission.
  4. No sleeping in chat. Please log out when you leave.
  5. This place is for Christians first and those who wish to learn about Christ second. It is not to be used to push other religions, and especially not to put down the Lord, the church or Christianity.
  6. The bible is our authority for doctrine and instruction.

We meet for informal chats on Wednesdays around 6PM Mountain time, and on Saturday nights at 7PM Mountain for a more structured worship service. Of course, you are welcome to come and chat here any time at all. While we are a type of church, we do ask that those who chat here not neglect their local church. This is why we avoid meeting on Sunday. While we tend to hold to the doctrines of the baptist church, there is no official denomination here. Everyone is welcome as long as they don't cause trouble. You dont even have to be furry.